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Susan Forrester, MA, IBCLC, RLC

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Breastfeeding problems? Are things just not going as you expected? Have you been told so much conflicting advice that you don’t know what is right? Breastfeeding is not supposed to be a rule-based activity and I hope to be able to help you follow your innate mothering instincts by helping you to understand what your baby is trying to tell you so that you can do what “feels” right, not what the books or your well-meaning friends tell you to do. My goals are to help you figure out why you and your baby are having problems, explain your options, and provide a realistic care plan that works for you. I will not tell you what to do but will give you information, options and support so that you and your baby can just do what makes you both happiest.

Every mother and baby deserves to have a joyful breastfeeding experience.

If you live in the greater Hartford, CT area and are interested in receiving personalized breastfeeding help, browse through my website to see what services I can offer you.