Client Comments


Breastfeeding my newborn was painful before I called Susan.  She is a knowledgeable coach who provides guilt-free, no-nonsense lactation advice with the goal of keeping baby fed and mom relaxed and happy.  With her many years of experience and connections with other traditional and alternative health care providers, Susan identified a more complicated issue with my son and referred me to others who helped solve the problem.  She is a godsend!

                    Monette G of Avon, CT

Thank you, thank you SO MUCH for all your help in this journey, Susan. You have led me to such WONDERFUL professionals who are all so gentle and knowledgeable and patient and...FANTASTIC! I have learned a lot. And I can't tell you how much I ADORE bed sharing with Marylou. Gosh, have I been getting great sleep! I only wish I had met you all when Memphis was a little guy.

                    Anita B. from MA

You helped me to increase my supply and help the babies gain weight, for which I'm very grateful.

                    Elizabeth K. from West Hartford, CT

I successfully breast fed my first two daughters, but several years later when I had my third daughter it was not so easy. By the time I came home from the hospital I was in severe pain. My nipples were cracked and bleeding. I asked my pediatrician for help. She recommended Susan and fortunately she was available. Within minutes of arriving at our home Susan gently examined the baby and found that she was “tongue-tied”. A condition that went undiagnosed both at the hospital and by my pediatrician. Even though it is a fairly common condition, it did require minor surgery called a frenotomy. Once that was completed the baby still needed to learn how to latch on and suck properly, at this point it was over a week since her birth. I was frustrated, disappointed and concerned about my child’s lack of appropriate weight gain. This is when Susan’s professional but gentle approach helped us both get on the right track. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients. I felt taken care of and in turn I was able to care for my baby. Breast feeding can be such a wonderful and rewarding experience. Susan’s consultation helped me experience the joys of nursing with my daughter when I really thought it might not be possible.

                    Cathy B. from West Hartford

I can’t thank you enough for the diagnosis, solution and support you gave me.  You are truly great at what you do! You are calm, nurturing and a patient teacher. I am so grateful for your wisdom during a tough time.

                        Katherine B. from West Hartford

Many, many thanks for your kindness, patience & support. My daughter is breastfeeding all the time. She is gaining weight and flourishing in every way.  You are the best! Please accept our heartfelt thanks! You are a wonderful lactation consultant.  We were so fortunate to have you!

                        Jill M. from West Hartford

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